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Best Police Scanner Reviews: First and foremost, to understand what a police scanner is, one must be aware of what a scanner is. A scanner is a device that scans different frequencies and can be turned into a particular frequency that can be used to listen to two-way calls on the radio. Similarly, two-way radios that are used by the police, or the fire department, or any other government agencies which use short transmissions are called police scanners.

Police scanners are used to listen to the police channels, that is police chatters, and also to listen to the chatter of the authorities of the fire department, the military (although tuning into their channel may turn out to be way tougher than one thinks) and other agencies’ chatter. Now, the police scanners are available in the form of apps on the Google play store and also various other app-selling platforms.

The main issue with the possession of a police scanner is the location where the purchase was made and the location where it is or has been used. The one who owns the police scanner or maybe downloads it via the play store must be cautious of the state he is in, as various countries and states in those countries have banned the use of police scanners among the public for various reasons.

There are valid reasons for the ban on the use of police scanners by the general public, the prominent one among them being the leakage of privileged information among the general public which may lead to panic or anxiety among them.

Basically, there are 2 types of police scanners that are widely used in today’s world. They are

  • Handheld Police Scanner
  • Base/ Mobile Radio Scanner

Handheld Police Scanners

A handheld police scanner is the most common type of police scanner used by the public in recent days. This is due to the fact that it is easily portable and very convenient to use. They can be powered using external sources like a power outlet or even batteries that render them flexible to be used in a fixed location or even one is traveling. However, like any device, it has its disadvantages also. A handheld police scanner cannot work as effectively as a base unit in a long range of frequency nor is it as powerful as the latter. To counter this disadvantage, one can use an additional antenna to increase the frequency range. They can be bought depending upon the number of channels required by the user. They also come as a digital police scanner which reduces the work for the user in turning the device to the required channel.

Base/ Mobile Radio Scanners

Base/ mobile radio scanners are proven to have more advantages than handheld ones. However, as a unit, they are very large and so cannot be carried to all the places by the user himself. To counter the disadvantage related to this type of scanner, they are equipped with a powerful antenna system that allows the system to be used over a large range. Mobile units are widely used by the news companies, which are equipped in their vans to follow the police and other departments like the fire department with the hope of acquiring a new piece of information or leads on an accident or any ongoing case. The best part of this device is that even aircraft signals can be accessed from over 150 miles away.

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Best Police Scanner Reviews 2023

Before buying any electronic device, one must be aware of the purpose for which it is being bought, which will enable him/her to buy the right product with the right specifications for the right price. The following pointers will give a brief overview of the things to be kept in mind while buying a police scanner.

  • A lot depends on what a person wants to listen to. If the user wants to listen to police chatter or something in that range, there is no need of a high priced scanner. On the contrary, a reasonably priced one will suit the purpose.
  • Police scanner reviews on various websites also provide much needed useful information on how to buy the right scanner for your purposes. However, the sites will rate only their products, so to have complete knowledge about all the products, different sites’ reviews have to be compared.
  • As mentioned above, the location also has to be taken care of. Not only because they are banned in certain places across the globe, but different places may also require different frequency ranges to accomplish the required job. For densely populated areas, for instance, Los Angeles, a highly powered base or mobile radio will prove useful as the number of people using scanners will be very high. In other places where the population using scanners is less, a low powered scanner can also prove to be useful.
  • Police scanners are being banned because of a lot of reasons, the main one being the leakage of privileged information. However, based on a different logic, police scanners are being made legal in various states of the US. Each state has a different stand on whether it is legal or not. So it is important to read up on the laws of the state before the police scanner is bought. In the states where the usage is legal and not banned, the device can be used when the user is at home, but using it in the car or outside the house is considered illegal. While it might be cool to follow the police everywhere and solve crimes with them, it can get the user in a lot of trouble if caught.

How To Buy Police Scanners

With the increasing issues regarding law and order in every country these days, it has become vital to have equipment that will provide the best option to give the necessary information and better communication. It is important for the police department to have top-notch technology and access to decode and decipher secret messages, codes, and various numerical databases. This information might have some hidden meaning regarding terrorism or any other threat. If this information is not translated and deciphered correctly, it is possible to have some form of national disaster.

A civilian might choose to own a police scanner for various reasons. Listening to the communications between the police squads is interesting, informative, exciting, and entertaining. But the most important reason a civilian buys a police scanner is mainly that it gives the benefit of being able to listen to the communication between police dispatchers and emergency personnel. This is especially good when it comes to emergency situations.

Police scanners are not only used by the police department, though. Today they are used by various personnel who need to have radio-based communication such as beach patrol personnel, air traffic control, shopping mall operators, amusement park operators, special event coordinators, government agencies, space shuttle communication personnel, and the national weather service.

It is important to have a good knowledge of various police scanner reviews before choosing which one to get for specific needs. They may be digital police scanners or analog police scanners. The tips for the use and repair of police scanners will come in handy while making this decision.

  • The first tip for the use and repair of a police scanner is that it is meant to be used to understand messages within particular locations or to decipher messages within a 24 hour time.
  • Police scanner comes in various formats, mainly Digital Phase 1, Digital Phase 2, Trunked, Analog, and Encrypted. The need for a police scanner based on the format depends on the place where you live and what you want to listen to. It is important to note that encrypted signals and messages cannot be picked up by any scanner. Also, some scanners can pick up more than one format. Digital Phase 2 scanners can pick up three extra formats the Digital Phase 1 format, the Trunked format, and the Analog format. Digital Phase 1 format can pick up two extra formats, the Trunked format, and the Analog format. The Trunked format can pick up Analog format as well with its own format. The Analog format scanner is the simplest one and it can only pick up the analog format.
  • The next thing to consider is the type of scanner. There are various types of scanners such as handheld police scanner, desktop police scanner, and base/mobile police scanner. All these types have their own Why we like it and cons so it is important to go through them before choosing which one to get.
  • Frequency also plays an important part in choosing a police scanner. Police scanners catch various frequencies and the most active ones, every day, are the ones that are related to public safety such as the Police, emergency responders, and rescue crews. Highway patrol, fire, and aircraft frequencies are also among the more active ones. So decide which type of radio communications you want to listen to.
  • Which choosing your first police scanner, an inexpensive scanner that is easy to operate and which easily picks up local police and fire transmissions is recommended. The size and portability of the scanner should be considered as well. Also, it is important to read the instructions given in the owner’s manual because police scanners manufactured by different companies might have different ways to operate.

Factors to Note while Choosing Best Police Scanners

Police Scanners scan multiple frequencies and through them, people can listen to the conversations of local police, fire, and other agencies in their society. This scanner is useful in monitoring two-way traffic but it cannot transmit. Through this, you can get to know about the latest happenings or criminal incidents in your area. A standard Police Scanner receiver contains Volume control, Scan, Squelch, Manual, and other buttons and knobs to control the bells, whistles, and receiver functions.

So here’s a guide to help you in choosing a suitable Police Scanner.

  • To choose between an analog or a digital scanner, you must know the system being used in your city by police services. A basic and most inexpensive scanner is an older analog type, which may work just fine but will be unable to display digital signals or alpha tags. If the signals in your area consist of both, you should go for a Digital Scanner though it is more expensive. For Example, In Boston a basic scanner is fine. But in Los Angeles or Colorado and some other states, a digital scanner is needed
  • If you want a radio system that allows agencies to provide many groups to share a lesser number of radio frequencies in the otherwise congested scanner bands, you can go for Trunking Scanners. Trunking scanners can monitor regular radio systems but a regular radio scanner cannot monitor a trunking system.
  • Your location and elevation, and other related factors, such as the power and elevation of the transmitting station, and the frequency being transmitted also affect the working of your scanner. In most cases, 10 to 20 miles is enough to receive signals, but sometimes the agency’s transmission power is so low that it can’t even reach 10 miles.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is whether an alpha display is needed. Basic Scanners only show the frequency but nowadays, the mid and high-end range scanners allow you to program an alpha tag so that it can show anything (like “Police For Help”) in place of the frequency, which will make scanning more interesting.


Always be aware of the limitations of any scanner you are planning to buy and consider all the factors mentioned above. These factors will help you in choosing the aptest scanner according to your needs. Also, make sure you get everything you might need when you use your new scanner. A good scanner must come with its carry case, mobile antenna, computer cable, software, and so on. So go on and choose the best!

Best Handheld Police Scanner Uniden BC75XLT

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The Uniden BC75XLT scanner is a compact scanner and it is perfect for listening to live events. It provides a good frequency for listening to weather forecasts during the storm or when there is some other type of disastrous event. Apart from covering bands that use the Amature Radio Operators which provide reports on emergency information including weather broadcasts, it also provides used at other events such as racing, local events, and other news categories. This scanner can be used to monitor police and fire departments as well as the search and rescue teams. To avoid the nuisance of scanning 30000+ available frequencies which is time-consuming, Uniden BC75XLT has extra functions such as the Close Call capture technology, which is developed to tune signals from nearby transmitters which will help to instantly detect and identify local signals.

This scanner is designed to fit perfectly on hands. It comes with a user-selectable Priority Channel Scan which helps in keeping the users focused on things that are important to them. It easily scans unlisted frequencies and quickly locates calls with pre-programmed service searches. It has a Do Not Disturb feature which prevents close calls during the transmission. It has a great memory backup so that the user will not be able to accidentally change the programming.


  • It can program up to 300 channels into the scanner’s memory after which, it can scan for transmissions on the stored channels.
  • It has a Close Call RF Capture technology which helps in automatically detecting and tuning nearby transmissions even if the frequency is not programmed into the channel.
  • It has a ten programmed service search bands which can easily search for frequencies which are typically used by the Police, Fire/Emergency departments, Marine personnel, weather and more.
  • It has ten search banks which are designed for easy operation.
  • It has rechargeable batteries which can be charged using computers or adapters from many wireless telephones.

What We Like About it

  • Easy to program.
  • Affordable.
  • Comes with a software which helps in easily programming.


  • Software only works on windows devices.


The usefulness of police scanners helps in keeping in contact with what is going on in your surrounding as the police and other safety agencies’ channels are the ones that are most common among the citizens. They are not only useful but can be quite entertaining as well. To choose which scanner to get, it is important to have knowledge about which one to use and for what purpose.

8 Best Police Scanners 2023

The crime rate is at its peak and the police are alert the most they have ever been. The police are taking the help of technology to prevent any crime from happening. One such technology the police are using is the Police Scanner. It is a radio receiver that helps to listen to two-way radio calls by scanning. It is used by the police, fire, and others. They are of different types, one being Digital Police Scanner and the other being Handheld Police Scanner.

Let us discuss the different types of police scanners available in the market in this article.

Best Handheld Police Scanner 2023

Best Handheld Scanner – Uniden BC75XLT

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This is the best handheld police scanner in the current market. As we all know, the police scanner is also called a radio scanner has the ability to automatically tune as many radio signals as possible.  In this way, Uniden BC75XLT: Public Safety Scanner, Racing Scanner helps police to tune 300 channels. Tuning 300 channels is not an easy one. But the technology of Uniden has achieved it.

Features and Benefits

  • An advanced RF capture technology is installed in this scanner. RF capture technology helps to detect a human standing behind the wall, handwriting of a person etc. This facility is available in this device.
  • Very High Frequency shortly termed as VHF is the term used for denoting electromagnetic waves ranging from 30MHZ to 300MHZ. Low and high frequencies of this range can be identified by Uniden BC75XLT scanner.
  • Ultra High Frequency shortly termed as UHF is the range of electromagnetic waves above 300MHZ range. They can also be identified by Uniden BC75XLT scanner.

What We Like About it

  • Even narrow bandwidth can be easily scanned by this scanner.
  • Other than police service, Civil, Marine, and Weather departments also use this scanner.
  • Simple design.
  • It is powered by the battery, hence can be charged easily.
  • Portable.
  • When ordered online, even EMI facilities are available.


  • Production of this scanner is very limited.

BaoFeng UV-82HP Radio Scanner

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It is manufactured by BaoFeng Company. The transceiver is a device that is capable of transmitting and receiving radio signals. In this way, one can talk and receive radio signals. Two-way radio also means the same. The band range of this device range from 136-174MHZ for transmitting and 400-520MHZ for receiving. It operates on battery and has battery-saving capacity.

Features and Benefits

  • It has large LCD display enabling for viewing all the details easily.
  • It covers FM radio zone from 65MHZ to 108MHZ. The Frequency Stability of this is ±2.5ppm. The Antenna of this is called High gain dual band antenna. The operating voltage of this scanner is DC 7.4V.
  • Keypad lock functions are available. Hence it eradicates other users to use it.

What We Like About it

  • A stand is available for this scanner enabling it for
  • 128 channels can be operated.
  • It is very simple to operate.
  • There is no blur when the FM stations are viewed.


  • No. of channels are less.

BaoFeng UV-82C Dual-Band Two-Way Radio Scanner


The manufacturer of this scanner is also Baofeng Company. It not only transmits and receives the signal from one person but has ham transmission wherein groups of persons can interact with each other. The police scanner reviews of this scanner are very positive since it can be used as a tool for conversation between groups of people.

Features and Benefits

  • This is a micro multi-band transceiver helping for transmission of more signals. It works under the battery and the battery capacity is 1800mah.The batteries of this are lithium make.
  • This product has 1-year warranty. This product mostly comes in black color.  When ordered in online, this product cannot be shipped to China destination alone.
  • This product can be worn in hand so a separate place for holding this device is not necessary.

What We Like About it

  • It captures multiple signals.
  • Easy monitoring for police.
  • Criminals can be identified easily.
  • Warranty makes this product reliable.


  • The flashlight and sound system provided in this device is not that powerful.

BaoFeng BF-F8HP Two-Way Radio Scanner

As the title says, it is also manufactured by BaoFeng Company. BaoFeng Company is famous for producing scanning devices. It is also a two-way radio device capable of transmitting and receiving signals.

Features and Benefits

  • It has a unique procedure of choosing selectable power levels. The selectable power levels are Low, medium and high. The Low power level range is 1Watt. Medium power level range is 4 to 5 watt. High power level range is 7 to 8 watt. Hence power selection can be done by our side easily.
  • The display is of tricolor and hence display color and frame can be changed according to customer wish.
  • This scanner also works on battery and the battery capacity is 1500 mah. Having 1500mah capacity can hold power for 1 ½ hr and hence there is no tension on emptying battery.

What We Like About it

  • High battery capacity available.
  • Signaling is distinct.
  • Display is awesome.
  • Good and distinguished features holding antenna, Belt Clip, Hand Strap and Earphone


  • Manual repairing is difficult.

Best Radio Shack Scanner – Whistler WS1025


This desktop analog scanner comes with a 200 channel memory. It requires an AC Power Supply and also comes with an owner’s manual. It has service banks that are activated by the buttons on it. It is divided into banks. It has an external antenna. One can set a priority channel on it.

Features and Benefits

  • One can listen to their FM Channel on it.
  • It is divided into 10 banks with each bank holding 20 channels.
  • 153 channels are preset in the product which can easily be deleted.
  • Users can backup their data; update their database directly from PC.

What We Like About it

  • Although not the most reasonable product price wise it is still cheaper than the other alternatives.
  • There are no bells, whistles and screaming alerts.
  • Also, various banks provided with the product are a pleasure to use.
  • The product is very simple to use which is its X- Factor.


  • The product comes only in the Black color.

Best Police Scanner for Car – Uniden BCD996P2

Uniden BCD996P2 Digital T.T. IV, Close Call, 25000
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It is a digital police scanner. This GPS Compatible Product follows communications on APCO 25, Phase 1, Phase 2 x2-tdma, Motorola, each & LTR trunked system. It comes with 25,000 dynamically allocated channels. It also comes with infrared technology. This product ideal is for thorough and accurate scanning. It requires 1 Lithium-ion battery to work.

Features and Benefits

  • It has an advanced dynamic memory system.
  • It is GPS Compatible.
  • It comes with an inbuilt close call RF Capture Technology.
  • It has continuous band coverage.
  • The scanner can be used as a base or mobile unit.

What We Like About it

  • The addition of trunking ability is quite overwhelming.
  • It is well built.
  • It has a great display.
  • The sound quality is great.
  • GPS Compatibility keeps it in competition with other modern scanners.


  • Difficult to use for users with no experience.

Best Home Police Scanner – Whistler WS1065

Whistler WS1065 Desktop Digital Scanner

The company Whistler is well known for its scanners. The scanner is not self-programmable. The scan list functionality allows arranging, grouping, and scanning object according to preference. It comes with a digital AGC that compensates for the low user audio level that is common on digital police scanners. It can store up to 1,800 frequencies. One can hear storm reports on it as well.

Features and benefits

  • It comes with a V-Scanner Technology which helps in saving a complete backup of radio configurations of up to 21 versions.
  • It also has a SKYWARN Storm Spotter Function.
  • The scanner Radio has great sensitivity on all bands.
  • It is provided with programming software which is highly logical.

What We Like About it

  • It is very easy to operate.
  • It comes with a multi-function knob.
  • Logical programming software is very well organized.
  • It functions similar to the commercial two-way radio which makes it easier for the inexperienced lot to use.
  • Scan List is a great feature of this product.
  • The radio works great.


  • Although the radio works great, it is very time-consuming to set up.

Best Car Police Scanner – Uniden BCD536HP Scanner

This is Uniden’s flagship scanner. It comes with a big screen which helps in a great display. It can record and can replay the recorded conversation. The date and time are shown as well. The best feature of this product is that it is Wi-Fi compatible. It is very simple to use since it does not require any programming to set up. The brightness of the product can be changed but the color remains the same. It has a really loud sound.

Features and benefits

  • It gives weather alert.
  • It has features for quick record and playback.
  • The recorded conversation also feature the date and time of the recording.
  • It covers US and Canada.

What We Like About it

  • It is very simple to use.
  • The conversations can be recorded and also be replayed later.
  • It can be used in a mobile setup.


  • The manual is written poorly.

Conclusion: Police Scanners are bought to hear what is happening around the area. Some may prefer the Digital Police Scanner and some may prefer Handheld Police Scanners.

Both of them have their own pros and cons and therefore it depends on the priorities and requirements of the customer which Police Scanner suits them the most. Hope this article brings enough information about different types of scanners. Choosing the best for yourself.

Being arrested due to the use of the police scanner outside the house can lead to the filing of charges such as obstruction of justice in some cases, resulting in a hefty fine, and in some rare cases, jail time. Buying a handheld police scanner or a digital police scanner is not a big deal considering the availability of various police scanner reviews online, knowing one’s limits is. The above article gives a brief overview of what a police scanner is and how to purchase it.

The 10 Best Police Scanner Reviews 2023

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