Weather Station Maintenance
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Is it so important to clean or maintain your Home Weather station?

Yes, you can gain trouble-free performance from your home weather station. Routine maintenance will assist your weather station to provide its accuracy and also extend life. You must have regular inspections to ensure that they are free of debris, clean, and also in working condition. How often is it essential to clean the home weather station?

Depending on your temperature region, you can even clean the equipment once a season. If you are living in extreme weather conditions, dust storm-prone desert areas, or harsher climates. Sometimes, it is mandatory to maintain & clean the weather station bi-weekly or on a monthly basis.

Weather Station Maintenance

Whether weather station maintenance will offer an accurate reading?

Yes, it is the key factor to get accurate details. Find below the maintenance factor of each instrument for your reference:

Radiation Shield Weather Stations

You can get inaccurate measurements of humidity and temperature due to debris available within the radiation shield. Every year, it is important to inspect & clean the radiation shield. Make use of a damp cloth to wipe and remove any debris from the unit.

Solar-Powered Weather Stations

What should I follow for the Solar-powered home weather stations?

You must regularly check and clean the solar panels. You can place the panels facing the southern side at a 30-degree angle to get optimal sunlight exposure. However, anything nearby should shade the solar panel from direct sunlight.


Are you using a weather station that runs on batteries? If yes, then you must check regularly and replace the batteries when required. Really?

Yes, some manufacturers will offer a scheduled interval for replacing the batteries.

In this case, I recommend you replace the batteries every year. If the battery is not long-lasting even for a year then you must change it often.

Sensor Calibration

Instrument reading accuracy will be consistent only for a few years. If so, you must re-calibrate the sensor to get back on track. As per the guidelines, you must follow the calibration process every 5 years. It is important to seek assistance from the manufacturer before starting the calibration process. A few models or sensors will follow their unique and own calibration methods. Just follow the suggested instructions to ensure effective and best results.

Rain Collector

You can gain the best accuracy from the rain collector by regularly cleaning the unit. If not, at least you must clean it numerous times per year. The debris screen will block the clogging or collector with numerous debris, insects, and leaves. Depending on the weather screen model, it is important to follow the cleaning process. Make use of a damp & soft cloth to clean the spoons, cups, and debris screen. Ensure that you are not scratching the spoon during the cleaning process.

Humidity or Temperature Sensor

Within the radiation shield, you can find the sensor board that requires less or regular maintenance. You must remove the radiation shield to ensure that there is any debris within the sensor board. Follow the cleaning process immediately, if you are getting any faculty humidity or temperature readings.

Home Weather Station Maintenance and Cleaning Guidelines

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