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Best Post Hole Digger: Handling things at home, we mean everything, is not as enjoyable as we see in the movies. Let us take a moment to think of yard work, the most time-consuming task of all. Every time we complete the yard work, we think of some potentially efficient ways to get tasks done within a short time. Usually, that remains as an end though. Sometimes we have no clue which yard routine should be changed for more efficiency.

What if we say the time you take and the tools you choose influence each other? Well, the very next question that pops up is about the quality. No one wants to double-work; understandable. We have come up with some brilliant products that save one part of your yard time. This will leave you ample time to work on more outdoor projects or just simply enjoy the view. Did we mention the post-hole digger?

If you have been through yard work for years now, you know the importance of post hole digger. For those who are still dreaming of a wonderful yard, let us remind you, a post-hole digger digs a hole in the dirt and you can use it for all landscaping needs.

How to Choose the Best Post Hole Digger

There are several types of post-hole diggers you can use. The choice depends on your yard project type. Ask yourself these questions before you make your choice:

  • Is my digging task heavy-duty or medium-duty?
  • Is my task light project or a repair project?
  • Is my project as large as installing a new project around your property?
  • What kind of soil or terrain am I working with? – Soft or rocky?

As already discussed, you have to first decide your project type to find out which would be the best post-hole digger for your landscape. Before that, there are so many features you must look for in a post-hole digger if you want it to be effective. We bring to you, a list of options with the best features. These diggers will save you time in the project and our product choices will save you time during purchase.

Manual Post Hole Diggers

These post-hole diggers are primarily designed for tasks that are medium-duty. Some manual diggers can go through the toughest of soils, however, you have to keenly look for one. Usually, a manual digger will be able to dig up to 4 feet deep. If you are working on soft and loose soil, manual diggers should work. As for design, it looks simple with two handles. You can dig the ground and then separate the handles to break up the soil. 

Fiberglass Handles

Some manual diggers have fiberglass handles that help you with extra comfort. The innovative handle design will protect the knuckles while digging. The size of the handle has so much to do with the leverage on the digger the user gets. With proper size, the user will be able to maneuver the tool easily into the soil. If you are tall enough, get a handle with a 55-60 inch range. Well, if you are not, 47-55 should do. Manual diggers require some physical effort. If you are digging in clay-like soil, you might want to reconsider your decision. You may as well choose the automatic digger.

Automatic Post Hole Diggers

The Automatic post-hole Digger is specifically designed to work on a heavy-duty project. The soil is challenging and the terrain condition same hard Rocky, an automatic post-hole digger would be the best choice. Even if you have a lot of digging projects, then you would need an automatic post-hole digger mandatorily. Also termed augers, there are two different types that include gas-powered post-hole diggers and electrically powered post-hole diggers.

Gas-powered Post Hole Diggers

This particular post-hole digger can also be termed as a one-man auger as it is operated by one person obviously. This is an extremely powerful machine and the Steel included here is of a higher grade. If durability is your specific concern, then a gas-powered digger could be the perfect choice to get your work done in tough conditions.

Electric Post Hole Diggers

If you are looking to get the task done without disturbance of fume during hole digging, then you can make use of an electric post-hole digger. Apart from this comfort, performance is very powerful. However, you might have to stay close to a power source or make use of a heavy-duty power cord. Let the soil be rocky or harder, you got this if you have an automatic electric post-hole digger. Also, do check for the engine, the drill bit, and its diameter including the weight to see if you can handle it.

Be wise and make the right decision. We have also listed some specific products for your convenience. You can take a brief look at it.

Best Post Hole Diggers 2023

Let us see what these post-hole diggers are capable of.

Landworks Heavy Duty Eco-Friendly Electric Cordless Auger Power Head, w/Steel 6″x30″

Landworks Heavy Duty Eco-Friendly Electric Cordless Post Hole Digger Power Head
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The most efficient posthole digger in the market with a 3-planetary gear mechanism,  Landworks Heavy-Duty Auger Power Head comes with a Lithium-Ion Battery and a charger. Weighing just 10 kilograms, the auger is one of the safest and most eco-friendly ones on the market. It is provided with an overload protector that helps in avoiding overheating. The Landworks Heavy-Duty Auger provides unmatched safety and durability that can be used in dry soil also. Charging has to be done after every use but it is worth the money and can be very useful. This Heavy-Duty Auger can be termed one of the best in the market. With equal efficiency and safety precautions, it is very useful in digging holes.

This digger is considered to be the cutting-edge technology of the Auger Drill industry. It is recommended to get the Landworks Heavy-Duty Auger but it may be unreliable when the pothole contains thick roots. This three-point post-hole digger gives the best chance for you out there. If you are a person who thinks about the environment then this product is just for you. The digging is made easier with this and at the same time, this allows you to work conveniently. This is Eco-friendly, convenient, and safe. Not only that the product has one of the best user ratings and reviews out there. Though there are some limitations this gives an upper hand in almost every aspect.

Why We Like It

  • Carbon-coated steel auger provides durability
  • A Safety Stop button is provided to avoid damages
  • Can dig 60 holes in a single 4Ah charged the battery


  • It is not durable enough to dig through roots.

ARKSEN 1200W 1.6HP Electric Post Hole Digger Auger Earth Ice w/ 4 inch Auger Bits Set

ARKSEN 1200W 1.6HP Electric Post Hole Digger
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The ARKSEN Electric Posthole Digger has a power rating of 1200 W. It is one of the best value-for-money products in the market. To make the environment more green and clean, using the ARKSEN Electric Posthole Digger is the first step. Planting trees and shrubs need digging up of holes and this does it for you in the best way possible. Weighing 12 kilograms and possessing a bright red color, this posthole digger contains an auger drill bit of 3 and a half inches long and 4 inches in diameter. The two-cycle engines provided inside the driller are an excellent replacement for the usual gasoline-powered drillers.

The cheapest and best alternative for digging holes, the ARKSEN Electric Posthole Digger is a very handy tool that can work wonders in both dry and hard soil which is generally difficult to dig through. This is a perfect section for the installation of the fence and this is going to make it off the charts. This electric post digger will make your life easy with its ease, torque, and power exertion. The use of electricity to dig in makes the product portable as well as easy to use. There is versatility in the product which gives a boost to everything. The product is getting out to the public and people definitely have reviews for it.

Why We Like It

  • The eco-friendly product gives an upper hand on every other product out there.
  • It is equipped with a good quality auger that is completely battery-powered.
  • It has prevention from overheating and has improved balancing for the handling purpose.
  • The efficiency is designed on a 3-planetary Gear Mechanism for high transmission.
  • The motor is brushless giving smooth working and efficient digging.


  • The sturdiness is compromised somewhere or the other.

Dirty Hand Tools | 100623 | Model 90 Three-Point Hitch Post Hole Digger

Dirty Hand Tools | 100623 | Model 90 Three-Point Hitch Post Hole Digger
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This post-hole driller that this product features the best drilling system and compatibility out there. The driller has all the features that are required. It is a post-hole Auger and the product delivers one of the best qualities out there. The product has good compatibility and the power and versatility are too good.  It brings in a dependable structure and the performance is also up to the standards.

Why We Like It

  • The bit tuns with 200 RPM which helps in the removal of the earth easily and swiftly.
  • There is a range of augers that can be worked with this. By default, it has a 4-inch Bit
  • 1.6 HP of horsepower makes the power for the product.
  • The capacity of the drilling is good too.
  • The handling is easy and the efficiency is great indeed.


  • The grip of the handle is not great.
  • No reverse and lock mechanism and Ejection of the auger after the drilling is a pain

Hiltex 10525 Electric Earth Auger with 4″ Bit 1, 200W and 1.6 hp Powerhead

Hiltex 10525 Electric Earth Post Hole Digger
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The next product is an Electric Post Hole digger and this one makes life easier and brings you all the facilities for you. It is making the life of the people easier because of the convenience and the setup. The product is obviously powered by electricity but its hold allows you to handle the sizing of the hole and depth with ease. The thing is that you need to work on handling the bit in the first place because there are complaints about it. Precautions are handled by the product on a priority basis and it really gets the job done for almost all the users. Again the incompletion of the product lies herein.

Thus some of the feedback has to be taken into account. It will allow the understanding of the better segment and will give realistic views about it. With the power and handling this product has on the field it is very handy. It is able to work on accuracy on that matter with the power we need in order to get into the mud or the solid dry ground.

Why We Like It

  • It is a powerful product for itself because of a high-performance motor that delivers 90 ft-lb torque with 200 RPM speed.
  • One of the best hole diggers because of the perfection in the installation of a fence post, deck, planting a tree, and many other lawn applications.
  • It has a safety lock for a precautionary basis that prevents danger and adds security to the product.
  • The handling of the product is ergonomic indeed and the setup of it is easy because of the accuracy that can be handled for the positioning.
  • The set includes 1- pcs 4 inches x 30 inches auger bit


  • Some of the pieces have an issue with working after the first usage.
  • The product has no in-house warranty

Southland SEA438 One Man Earth Auger with 43cc, 2 Cycle, Full Crankshaft Engine

Southland SEA438 One Man Earth Post Hole Digger Auger
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This gas-powered post-hole digger brings with it all the possible and sustainable sections for productivity to be accounted for. The product has positives and negatives but the handling takes the step forward and pushes you to get this product for your home. The crankshaft engine gives the bit the power it needs and the gear the consumption that is required. It makes the complete product potable and usable in the department of handling and usage. The bit brings in the setbacks but the replacement can be found in the stores and it really gets the thing done. The soil will never be an issue but the hands have to be professional to work on this product. The handling with the butterfly handles helps the product to work to a fair extent. It is important to note that this product is not like other products in that the power is delivered easily but there has to be some pressure to be used by the users.

Why We Like It

  • Easy starting of the product through the manual recoil fuel delivery allows the product to be convenient
  • It has a gas powerhead with 8 inches of the bit. And 6 inches bit is sold separately by the company giving more ground to work on
  • The gear works directly with the solid steel driveshaft
  • The balancing of the convenience of the product by the butterfly handle allows the product to get the grip
  • The fuel capacity of the digger is 32 gallons which do wonder indeed


  • The versatility is not that good for the product
  • No replacement parts are available
  • Only for the professionals because of the handling

Frequently Asked Questions on Post Hole Diggers

How do you dig post holes with roots?

A posthole may contain parts of wood and rocks that are inside the soil. This can also include deep roots of trees that can be enrooted into the soil. Removing roots from a pothole is a menacing work because roots can be deeply embedded inside the ground. The usage of the usual posthole digger is not sufficient to cut the roots. Manually cutting down the roots can be more strenuous. The process of removing a posthole, with roots in it, involves a tool known as an auger. The most commonly used auger is the manual posthole auger. This helps in digging right through it. An auger is a huge and heavy tool. Therefore, after digging the surface of the pothole with a spade, the auger should be kept on the root. With the help of another person, the auger must be held tightly as it may throw you off balance. It is then switched on and the roots are drilled through to get a hole by which fences or posts can be held.

If you want to dig a hole through the roots then you have to work out a bit on the spot and the area around. Follow the steps below to get your way through this:

  1. Create a hole on the spot where you want to get the auger into. The hole will help the auger to get the spot marked. The hole should be quite deep. The hole will allow stable drilling.
  2. If you already know the spot has a root then get help from someone. It is not easy to get through it. It is a tough area and you will need a hand. Keep the pressure constant.
  3. Stand opposite each other for the drilling and hit the tip of the hole.
  4. The starting of the auger is the difficult part. Standing opposite each other is important. After getting the start on the auger get hold of the handles quickly.
  5. Keep the system steady on both sides and the pressure constant. The bit will do its work. Do not leave the handle else it will not work away. Allow the auger to drill its way through the root

What is a post-hole digger called?

In basic terms, there is no specialized work for the digger but technically Auger can be said in the terms. Auger’s definition tells that Auger is a tool that resembles a large corkscrew for boring holes in the ground or in the wood. Thus, you can say that Auger best matches the post-hole digger. Auger is basically the bit that helps in the digging part of the complete system. But an auger can be used here because the base work is dependent on the bit or the auger bit.

A posthole digger is a device used to dig through post holes that are found in the soil. Digging manually with a spade is hectic work. Therefore a posthole digger is used to dig deep into the soil. This posthole digger is also called a posthole pincer. This is because the tool is pierced inside the ground and the blades are pulled together, thereby, loosening the soil. The soil is removed and the process is repeated. An auger can also be called a posthole digger. An auger digs deeper into the soil. In the end, a posthole digger is a tool used to dig deep holes that can be used for fencing and other purposes. Posthole diggers are commonly used by postholes archaeologists, as postholes are very common in the field of archaeology.

Are post-hole augers interchangeable?

Well, yes and no. Yes, in terms of the kind of bit you want to work with and the product that you are working with. And No again for the product, you are working with. Most of the diggers come with an interchangeable auger bit whereas some of the products don’t allow the auger bits to be changed. It should always be changeable because everybody has to work on different holes and it becomes important for the product to get versatility on the auger bits. It is even recommended that the products should come with in-the-box bits that can help the product work on larger areas of holes and the drilling bits.

A posthole auger is a heavy tool that is used to dig deeper than the usual posthole digger making this more effective. Posthole augers come in different diameters. This diameter is constant and cannot be changed. But auger drills can be interchangeable. To interchange the drills of the auger, heavier machinery is required. A Heavy-Duty Auger can be used if there is a lot of fieldwork to be done. The drills can be interchanged according to the need of the hole. Usually, augers come in the range of 6 inches to 24 inches. Once dug the diameter of the hole cannot be changed if an auger is used. This can be considered a disadvantage in a few cases. Interchangeable posthole augers are only used for renovation or heavy field works

How deep can you dig with a post-hole digger?

Post holes can be dug according to the needs of the user. But generally, postholes are dug from 2 to 4 feet below. If deeper holes are required, an extension rod is required. A normal posthole digger digs 3 and a half feet below the surface. For footings and decks, deeper holes are required. Augers can dig up to 3 feet. With heavy machinery, holes can be dug from 4 to 6 feet below the surface of the soil. Building fences and decks requires a minimum depth of 3 feet but if a pole has to be built, an extra two and a half feet should be dug up. A post-hole digger has a standard depth bit of 9 inches.

But you can go up to 30 inches deep. The thing is that it all depends on the type of work you have to take on. For example, if you have fencing work to do then 9 inches of depth is enough. For a greater measure, you can go into 12 inches of depth. For setting up a pole for other causes you can go with up to 24 inches bit but there are very rare occasions where you get to hold on to the 30 inches bit.

Conclusion: Tired of using the shovel to dig up holes? Dug it deep enough to find out roots? The one solution for all the problems, that dig you up more than the hole, would be post-hole diggers.  The solution to ease your way into the soil, posthole diggers are the tools that help you have an easier and more fun time digging post holes. Posthole diggers come in different variations that help digger deeper holes. An auger is a type of posthole digger that helps in digging wider and deeper holes. There can be a root for all problems but the problem of postholes in the roots.

The Augers are used for removing the roots efficiently. Posthole diggers are heavy machinery and therefore must be handled with care. The sharp pincers are to be handled safely and proper equipment is to be worn before use. It is recommended to be used with the help of a friend as the digger has a reputation to throw off people if used alone.

The 5 Best Post Hole Digger Reviews 2023

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